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Slade Manufactures its own patented braiding yarns. Each individual strand is reinforced with high strength carbon fiber.

2 Years of field testing has proven that 25% of all pulp and paper mill water can be conserved with Slade Foil. Intermech is proud to be able to offer you this fine product. Below you will find a list of all the Slade packing that we carry, including a list of test results conducted on the product, and the application best suited to each.

Slade Foil™ makes conventional packing obsolete. Eliminate Seal Water and stop all leakage's. No flushing is required.

It must be noted that 96% of all valves packed with Slade have zero emissions and are fire safe. These attributes make this brand of packing the perfect choice for high temperature services. The high temperature capability of Slade Packing has proven petrochemical valve performance in power utility installations.

Intermech has secured sole representation rights for Slade in South Africa and would be pleased to quote you on all your pump and packing requirements. After reading about the products below, please contact us if you require any further information on this incredible product..

Slade 3300C
Slade's most cost effective pump and valve packing

Reinforcement: Each individual strand of graphite foil is reinforced with high strength structural carbon fiber and no other reinforcements; interlock braid.
Temperature: Non-oxidizers; -400°F / -240°C to 5400°F / 3000°C. Mild Oxidizers to 1800°F / 1000°C
Pressures: Valves to 1,000psi / 70 bar (for higher pressures, consult factory)
Pumps: Flush-free in many services to 4,800 fpm (1,400m/min)
pH Range: 1-14
3300W: Inconel wire reinforced for higher pressures:5,000 psi/350 bar
3300LC: Low chloride, high purity version for nuclear plants

Slade 3300G
Slade's best all-purpose pump and valve packing

Reinforcement: Corners and each individual strand of graphite foil are reinforced with high strength structural carbon fiber, no other reinforcements; interlock braid.
Temperature: Non-oxidizers: -400°F / -240°C to 5400°F / 3000°C : Mild Oxidizers to 1800°F / 1000°C
Pressures: 5,000 psi / 350 bar without end rings (compress 28%)
Pumps: Flush-free in many applications to +4,800 fpm (1,400m/min)
pH Range: 1-14
Application: Chemicals, steam, hydrocarbons, etc.
3300GLC: Low chloride version for nuclear power plants

Slade 3300CJK
Slade's abrasive isolator packing

Description: 3300CJ with Kevlar corners, used as an anti-extrusion ring (for large throat clearances) and to protect against partical contamination. Usually only one ring is installed (first ring in) at the bottom of the stuffing box.
Temperature: 500°F / 260°C

Slade 3300GLC
Slade's nuclear-grade packing

Reinforcement: Carbon Fiber reinforced vermiculated graphite foil.
Temperature: Service temperatures to + 1800°F/1000°C
Pressures: 5000 psi
Pumps: Flush-free in many applications to +4,800 fpm
pH Range: 0 to 14 (except strong oxidizers)
Application: Use style 3300 GLC for Nuclear services. Use 3300LS for less than 50ppm sulfur
Graphite foil analysis (certified): Carbon/Graphite content of foil: 99.26%
Leechable chlorides less than 10ppm

Slade Pyro-Tex Joint Sealants
The high-temperature gasket on a spool

Pyro-Tex Joint Sealant is manufactured from expanded flexible graphite that is reinforced with carbon fibers, woven into a soft compliant gasket rope. Available in round and half round configurations. The ends may be overlapped to form an endless gasket.

Services: Cryogenic to Pyrogenic
Pressures: 3500psi (246kg/Cm2)

Inert, unaffected by most chemicals No Waste
pH 1-14 Fits all sizes
Fills scratches & pits Non-Asbestos
Seals warped flanges, conforms to surface geometry No shelf aging
Seals gasses & hydrocarbons Adhesive included for positioning
Seals glass & fiberglass flanges Not affected by long term heat exposure
No volume loss at 1000°F/358°C Works equally well on plain or phonographic flange surfaces
Molds into a homogenous mass Overlap ends to form endless gasket
Standard torque values apply Keeps worn flanges in service
  Pricing comparable to expanded TFE joint sealants